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Sri Bimal Mohanty
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Revolting against restrictions of any kind has now become the character of the younger generation. Conformity is passé.

There was an amusing mindset prevailant in Bengal a few decades back. If by the age of eighteen you have not become a communist, you have not grown up yet. Something similar is here now. If as a member of younger generation you do not get agitated and revolt against social traditions, you are not even alive.


Why is this revolt? Have the past traditions (at least in the Indian context) have suddenly become a drag on life? Where does the fault lie?


Non-conformity at any cost has spread like an epidemic. Is it the result of rise of reason or a protective shield against a failed establishment?


Methink it is the later as perceived by the present new generation. Associated with this is the fact that it has already engulfed the vast majority and there is that lurking fear (very real at that) that you stand to get eliminated if you do not become one with the majority. Whether they are right or wrong, has become a secondary question but you are frightened to stand away from the majority.


Are our children’s revolting spirit is indirectly hiding a frightened mind?

Is the younger generation effectively a frightened lot?


How many today can show the guts to admit that all our traditional values about family, relationship, sex, marriage, life style, value systems developed over painstaking centuries of trials and tribulations, are not all wrong?. How many will have the guts to step out into the society traditionally attired, conforming to the traditional behavior toward elders and equals?


They are frightened to the core.


Having said that, the older generation must also see their role in the failure of the establishment. As rightly said, there are no role models. Today’s role models are like balloons all pumped up for temporary dazzle. You cannot quench your thirst with a handful of water bubbles.


What could be a possible way out? The responsibilities are with both generations.


The young must learn to appreciate the usefulness of our home grown traditions. Tomorrow when they cross over to the other side, they will find that all that they are crying out for today, they themselves will fail to accept for their own children. World thrives only through give and take.


The old generation needs to appreciate that heavens will not fall if every wish of theirs is not imposed. Most importantly, they themselves must re-learn by the traditions and stick to it in their personal lives. There are hundreds of tid bits available. Today’s older generation has become a very compromising lot with the traditions, setting bad examples.


We may debate and debate. But the human society of today- in whatever form it is- is recognizing values of traditions more and more. We call it dharma of the humanity and always believed in ‘dharma rakshati rakshitam’. –Sri Bimal Mohanty 28.7.13 ([email protected]g website www.ahwan.org)



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