IC Centre for Governance

Governance - India

The Centre proposes to do following activities

  • To develop a Governance Self-Assessment Checklist, a diagnostic and educational tool designed to assist institutions in identifying strengths and weaknesses in their governance practices

  • To conduct a series of case studies reviewing governance structures and practices, and providing recommendations to specific organizations. The 'lessons learned' from the case studies will be compiled into Governance Do's and Don'ts for target organizations.

  • To develop  models of alternative approaches to governance

  • To conduct leadership surveys of the different sectors to capture the practical governance problems faced by organizations and their innovative real-world solutions.

  • To conduct governance reviews for various organizations, and provide advice on building effective governance practices.

  • To offer regular professional development programmes to public servants on policy making and on preparation of superior oral and written briefings.

  • To organise Round Table discussion targeted at top policy makers to explore cross-cutting themes such as accountability, citizen participation, partnering outside government, and the impact on the policy processes of information and communications technology.

  • To organise a memorial lecture series on important governance issues

  • To organise an annual international conference on relevant themes

  • To hold an annual national competition on themes relevant to governance

  • To conduct and publish an annual governance survey

  • To publish an annual journal on governance

  • To publish books and other publications