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Ethics in Public Governance

A Residential Programme, Drawing from Inner Strength

Learning to lead starts with knowing oneself at a deeper level. The purpose of this programme is to enhance leadership qualities and skills. This is sought to be achieved by connecting them to the Soul of Effective Leadership, a space of profound creativity, peace, purity and love that is within us.

Governance- A continuing crisis

Among many crises engulfing India, and similarly placed countries of Asia, Africa and the Pacific region, the one that is most palpable is the crisis of governance. It affects the life and working environment of millions who consider themselves free citizens of welfare states. In the last half century, we have witnessed a growing restlessness with the systems and instruments of governance. Available evidence suggests a continuous decline in the quality of governance in most developing countries and a perception of the state being alien to the people has gained ground. And the problem is not bound by geography; the phenomenon is global.

The programme provides a unique opportunity for the participants to spend a few days of reflection and dialogue in the serene and beautiful ambience of Asia Plateau. Together they are able to:

  • Reflect upon their original vision, the current reality and the gap

  • Tap their own and each other’s inner resources for inspiration and learning

  • Evolve a paradigm of ethical leadership and governance themselves

  • Discuss issues in governance and research on these

  • Explore the balance of life

We have conducted a 5-day training module on Ethics in Public Governance specially customized for Civil Servants, including IAS, IPS, Indian Railways as also for Managers of PSUs, including NTPC, Gas Authority of India Limited etc.,.


We have undertaken a massive programme of training over a 1000 senior managers of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and are now designing a module to cover the field functionaries of this organization.


We have also conducted programmes for State Government officers of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Meghalaya. The feedback from the participants has been consistently very positive and DOPT increased the number of slots to two every year, after an in-depth review of feedback on programmes conducted by Institutes recognized by DOPT for serving IAS Officers. We were ranked first in this review.


We also successfully completed a Training of Trainers’ Programme for Faculty of 29 ATIs in the country and also provided hand-holding support to 4 ATIs in conducting the  rogramme designed by us. We also organised Training of Master Trainers’ for the DOPT.


The reputation of the ethics programme has travelled beyond our national frontiers and we have received requests from the governments of several countries in Africa who want their officers to be exposed to this programme. Officers from South Sudan participated in a programme and some officers from Uganda have been trained along with a batch of IAS officers. The Centre expects to hold special programmes for civil servants from some countries of


Africa and South Asia in the near future. We have run special workshops on Ethical Leadership for foreign participants.